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Salty Paradise Mikado (sea salt and lemon)

Salty Paradise Mikado (sea salt and lemon)

Smell the salty sea breeze in your home with the Salty Paradise mikado with sea salt and lemon. This refreshing citrus fragrance invites you to relax and take a dip in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. Relish the touches of citrus, go with the peaceful flow of the sea filling the air with salt and lemon aromas and give yourself the gift of a stroll along the shore, your feet sinking into the soft, white sand.

50ml., 100ml., 200ml.
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Recommended for
For anyone who loves the sea and is looking to breathe in the scent of citrus and the refreshing sea breeze at home.
How to apply
Place the vegetable fibre rattan sticks into the essence to absorb the liquid. Once they are impregnated, they will begin to naturally and progressively spread the fragrance. Remember that the more sticks placed into the mikado, the more powerful the fragrance will be and the easier it will be to perceive it. To maintain the intensity of the fragrance as the days go by, simply flip the sticks one to three times per week.
Sea salt and lemon

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