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Mix&Deco “Cactus” porcelain case

Mix&Deco “Cactus” porcelain case

There is one step between creating an ambience and designing interiors and it is called mix & deco. That’s why this ultrasonic aroma diffuser is customizable. Now you can use it with the cactus cover to make your home shine. This porcelain cover was carefully designed to fit perfectly on the base of the mix & deco ultrasonic aroma diffuser.

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Recommended for
For people who know that creating an ambience is about much more than just aroma. With this customizable diffuser, you’ll add aroma to your home as you design the interior.
How to apply
All you have to do is fill the tank with water and add a few drops of the water-soluble oil of your choice to fill any room with your fragrance. And you can adorn the diffuser with your favourite decorative cover. To enhance the feeling of well-being, try out the LED lights in seven different colours.

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