OUD 283

A fragrance based on the precious oud. This complex scent is surrounded of spices like cloves, cumin, saffron that reinforce the oriental character. In the heart, the oud is softened with rose and labdanum to offer its more sensual side, while, in the base, takes part its woodsy facet along with leather, wood and ambergris.

Unisex fragrance for lovers of the intense and mysterious. Recommended for use at night especially during autumn / winter.
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clove, bergamot, cumin

rose, saffron, oud, labdanum

Oud, ambergris, cedar, incense, leather, patchouli

CUIR 383

A fragrance that interprets perfectly the delicate smell of leather. A complex composition due to the balance between the fresh top note, bergamot, pink pepper and the warmth of a smoky and sensual base.

Unisex fragrance for lovers of refinement. Recommended for use on any occasion.
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bergamot, pink pepper, pineapple

leather, jasmine

oak moss, patchouli, ambergris

IRIS 483

A creamy fragrance that blends into the skin leaving a trail of powdered iris. Blend of mystery with notes of myrrh, incense and a hint of honey.

Unisex fragrance for lovers of the exquisite. Recommended for use on any occasion.
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Cypress, juniper

Iris, honey

incense, myrrh, musk, vanilla, different types of wood.


An original and fun fragrance based on rhubarb. Rhubarb is fresh, vegetable and allies with notes of grapefruit, tangerine adding juiciness to the composition.

Unisex fragrance for creative personalities. Recommended for daytime use, especially during spring / summer.
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grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, red berries

Rhubarb, gardenia